Jean specializes in helping people heal their emotional suffering by changing their conscious and unconscious minds so they can create the health and the lives they want. After healing from a family tragedy, Jean created the Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life Five Step System using the techniques and tools that healed her. To learn more about this system, and the connection between your emotions and your physical health, sign up in the registration box below to receive Jean’s eBook, Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life. It could change your life!

If you have questions, or would like to share the revelations you experience after reading the eBook, contact Jean at support@jeanswann.com

Here is what some of the people Jean has worked with around the world have had to say:

“Jean is truly amazing. I started working with Jean after a cancer diagnosis and awareness that I had some emotional issues to resolve before I could heal. Jean helped me discover all of my emotional issues, practice forgiveness, eliminate worry and stress, and most importantly learn what was in my heart and what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me. We really accomplished so much, and I felt better and better after every session.

“At the end of the sessions I really felt like a new me had come out. I feel amazing, I have complete control of my life and how I feel every day. It’s not an overstatement to say I am fearless, that I know I can handle anything, and in fact I can make my own future. I wake up with joy in my heart, knowing that I am healthy, knowing that I will do the right things every day to stay that way. The future looks amazing, and I really have Jean to thank for this. Jean said all the right things at the right times, leading me through a path of self-discovery.”

~ Darcy, Oregon

“Jean, thanks for the help your program gave me in transforming to a prosperity mindset. In the first session, I was able to find the sabotaging belief that had kept me earning far less than my colleagues in the medical community, and replace that belief. For the next three days, all of my rich doctor friends were calling me to take me out to lunch! I have been attracting much more financial abundance ever since. Your program was invaluable and I am eternally grateful.”

~ Dr. K.S., M.D., Maryland

Working with Jean a year after I was diagnosed with cancer has dramatically improved my health, well being and peace of mind. It was really easy to work with Jean, and it was the best thing I could have done.

“My blood pressure, which I have never been able to lower, has dropped by at least 12 points and stayed in that range since I began working with Jean. The anxiety and panic attacks I had been experiencing on a regular basis for most of my life are gone. My tumor has shrank significantly. The quality and length of my sleep have improved. I have learned to forgive myself and others, and I feel more at peace than ever before .I am confident now that my healing is inevitable, thanks to the profound help and guidance I received from Jean.”

~ Sam, New Jersey

“My experience working with Jean Swann with healing emotional issues and trauma has been quite profound. Jean has led me through several processes that have enabled me to let go of limiting beliefs, heal emotional trauma, experience greater peace in my life, and gain clarity on my greater purpose in life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity of working with Jean Swann, and am very pleased with the deep healing and transformation that she has assisted me in achieving.”

~ Lynn, California

“While working with Jean, I felt better than I had in the two and a half years since my husband passed away. I finally feel like myself again and feel really good about life. Jean guided me through processes that rid me of the severe emotional and physical reaction within me recalling events surrounding my late husband’s death. These were extremely powerful tools in my healing and recovery. I now have memories instead of painful reactions associated with them. I am also amazed that with Jean’s help, I was able to heal a painful personal relationship that had been causing me heartache for many years. I’m grateful to Jean for guiding me and sharing her amazing work with me until I was able to fully heal.”
~ Langley D., Arizona

“Jean’s sessions were a life-changer for me. I’d been carrying a heavy emotional heartache for some years which I felt physically as the same… a heavy feeling in my chest. After working with Jean, I felt lifted, lighter, balanced, renewed and excited. I was able to move on readily and easily, having resolved the heavy issues that I had been previously carrying. I would highly recommend Jean’s sessions to anyone who has something weighing on their mind or heart and physical manifestations stemming from something specific they’d like to overcome. It’s now been 3 weeks since my sessions. The heartache has been completely dissolved. My chest is feeling light and back to normal. I feel vibrant with this new freedom! I wish I had done these therapies years ago.”
~ Jane, California

“One thing that really changed for me which I’ve been struggling with for a very long time is the idea that ‘l’m stupid’. Of course this comes from childhood. Jean used a technique with me and promised me she could ‘remove’ that belief to the point that when I think about it, it won’t bother me. Well, to this day I think about it and it causes me no issue at all. That was huge for me! I would highly recommend Jean’s services. She’s dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and giving. I am grateful for her work.”
~ Deborah, Toronto

“Not only do the techniques Jean uses show instant and lasting positive results but she also has a special gift of knowing what you seem to need to help you along your emotional path of healing and growing. She is a wealth of information and it was a joy to learn from her and experience powerful transformations.”
~ Angelika, Texas

“Fear of job failure, internal negativity and years of beating myself up led me to Jean Swann. Jean led me through processes that were meant to re-wire my negative thoughts into a more positive flow of thinking. Interestingly, it wasn’t that hard. The processes quelched the bad thoughts and relieved my panic attacks. Jean’s insights and skills showed me that you can put a detour sign in your brain and stop hurting yourself. I am so grateful to Jean. It’s definitely worth the time. Just do it!”

~ Faith, New Jersey